For this project, I am "collecting" interesting surface structures of various kinds, both natural and man-made ones. After reproducing them in silver and synthetic material, they serve as motives for my jewelry.

Facetten *

Silver 999, Fimo, Diameter 35 mm
The facetted surface of the two-sided pendant resembles an insect compound eye. Both sides of the pendant are replicas of the surface pattern on the body of an old iron teapot.

Litschi *

Hand ornament
Silber 925, Fimo, Durchmesser 25 mm
The reddish skin (pericarp)of the lychee fruit is roughly textured with small sharp protuberances. Holding the fruit in your hand produces a pleasant tingle on the skin. The motiv of the hand ornament is a silver replica of the pericarp (sand cast). It shows best when positioned between two fingers (see photos), but it can also be mounted on a ring.

More Surfaces: