In this section I have collected jewelry of various kinds.


Silver 925, circular spirit level, diameter 16 mm
Have you lost your balance? No problem: just move the air bubble to the center of the small spirit level, and you will be well-balanced again!

Kugel-Rot und Würfel-Silber

(spheric red and cubic silver)
Coral necklace (one of a kind)
Silver 925, coral, steel cable, diameter 15.5 cm
This necklace "lives" from the contrast between the 18 matt-red, spherical coral beads and the shiny silver cube, which forms the clasp. The unpolished beads (diameter 22 mm) are mounted on a thin steel cable, together with tiny lens-shaped spacers of silver. The clasp consists of two U-shaped silver parts, which - when slid into each other - form a cube. Two magnets inside the cube keep it locked.


Silver 925, diameter 7.5 cm
The bangle consists of five rhomboid, angled parts with textile embossing (roller blind strap). They are connected by oblique hinges between each two rhombus sides, giving the bracelet both form constancy (pentagon) and some elasticity.


Bangle (one of a kind)
Silver 925, 7.5 cm x 6.5 cm
The raw form was cut from a block of wax and cast in solid silver by Brogioli (Schaffhausen). The final shape of the bangle was produced entirely by working on the raw cast only. In spite of its elegance, Ulna has a somewhat archaic and defiant appearance, precisely like an arm bone (Ulna) forcibly bent round. Traces of wear and tear show that the bangle is worn daily in spite of the considerable weight of 130 g.

Verdreht (twisted)

Bangle (one of a kind)
Silver 925, max. diameter 5.5 cm
A tapered silver rod was forcibly twisted several times in both directions. The elegant helix on one end of the bangle is in sharp contrast with the solid block at the other end.


Ear ornament
Silver 925, diameter 30 mm
This ear ornament is not fixed to the ear lobe but is hinged to the lower part of the ear conch. Thereby, the ear lobe is surrounded by the matt-finished silverball: it is contained and protected by it. Lobothek is worn unilaterally.